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About The Idle Lord

I grew up simply loving playing sport; wavering from rubbish to passable mediocrity, I know how much having a passion that kept me active, fit and allowed me to meet great people means to me.

In later life I’ve tried to put something back by coaching kids at my local cricket club but after fifteen years the challenges here are much different. Kids just don’t seem to get sport anymore.

What they miss is this essential part of the fabric of everyday life. Over forty years ago when I started school we had opportunities most kids could never dream of today unless they attend a private school.

School sport has been a political football tossed around recklessly by politicians, teachers and the Health & Safety parasites alike; the effect several generations later is the certain slow death of grass roots sport.

We have the worst obesity rates in Europe and the trend shows no sign of abating with a multi-million pound cost to the NHS alone.

Another passion of mine is writing; I’ve always wanted to write and, hopefully, make people laugh if mainly at me.

My first book was written whilst still at Barclays Bank and is about life from a young lad to gnarled old veteran at Bolton Villas Cricket Club, a small club typical of so many up and down the country.

The follow-up was my take on a twenty five year career with Barclays – It’s Only a Game – teaching me many things. So far they have not sued me!

My third – and probably final – book is a collection of tales from a desperately mediocre sportsman who has tried most sports over the decades hoping to find one he was any good at.

Released to “celebrate” my 50th birthday in April 2013, I should end by saying that all profits go to helping the junior cricket teams I help coach.

Hoping you enjoy musings from the Idle Lord.

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