Musings From The Padded Cell

Airfix For Adults

"To show how this decision was based on imperfect knowledge, which will now become informed knowledge." Mr T.Blair, urging a rethink on Brexit, conveniently forgets sexed-up dossiers, somewhere called Iraq and a career built on lying through his … [Continue reading]

The Original La La Land – Bradford Council.

"Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best." Edward Abbey … [Continue reading]

Grandma’s Kitchen

"Give no more to every guest, Than he is able to digest, Give him always of the prime, And but little at a time." Grandma Ada's The Main Cookery Book (15th Edition) first printed 1929. … [Continue reading]

The Idle Draper – Tailored To Fit.

"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually clean kitchen and 8 times out of 9 I'll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualities." Charles Bukowski … [Continue reading]

The Potting Shed.

“I can’t believe I used to have sex 20 times a week...But now I’m a bloody good gardener.” Russell Brand In my search for life beyond The Scruffy, your intrepid reporter ventured to Bingley and one of its newer bars. … [Continue reading]

Guest Column – Bully, Bully?

A bonus issue this week with a different shaped ball but no less passion when held. Martin “Molly” Molyneux recounts his lifelong obsession with Bradford Northern – latterly Bradford Bulls – in the midst of one of the darker patches in the club’s … [Continue reading]

Waiting For An Alibi.

“You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down” Charlie Chaplin I kept closing my eyes thinking that I would wake up and it would all have been a fanciful dream. Yet each time my eyes opened again this place did exist and I really was in … [Continue reading]


“Many people are good at talking about what they are doing, but in fact do little. Others do a lot but don't talk about it; they are the ones who make a community live.” Jean Vanier … [Continue reading]

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

The festive season had started with a funeral. As we listened to a life rich and full - recalled eloquently by his two sons - a passion for sport and all it brings shone clearly through. … [Continue reading]

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

Little more to say than I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope, somewhere along the line, this has entertained you. Now...time for one more rant before the nurse escorts me back to the cell. … [Continue reading]