Musings From The Padded Cell

The End of the Line

As the Travelling Wilburys had warbled many years ago it was indeed The End of the Line; conscious of the mounting pressure on the world’s eco system and fearful in equal measure of a potential depletion in my own resources, I had decided that it was … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 22 – It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City: Sex, drugs and Big Phil’s Sierra @ the Villas

22 – It's Hard to be a Saint in the City As I’ve intimated earlier  cricket can hardly be described as a sexy game despite coloured clothing, Twenty Twenty, cheerleaders and all the other inane razzmatazz the ECB come up with after several bottles … [Continue reading]

The BBC – Yorkshire Post 24/5/12

In an age where the consumer is supposedly dominant just how relevant is the BBC today? Do we need a “public service” broadcaster anymore when most of the things it did so well are now done even better by the commercial channels or it simply can no … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch21 – A Long Walk Home (On tour with the Bank)

21 – Long Walk Home I always thought that as my school years evolved I might in time get some faint idea of how I wanted to make a living other than my Sunday morning paper round. By the time I cruised through my O levels with minimal effort and … [Continue reading]

A Critics’s Corner – Ch 20 – The Overseas.

20 – Pay Me My Money Down As I mentioned earlier, one of the many things we had to adjust to following our admission to the new league was the concept of the overseas player. We’d never had an overseas player in our history, unless that is, you … [Continue reading]

Call Centres

Grumpy Old Men? The other day I received an email from an old customer, a fellow equally grumpy middle-aged man, which will strike a chord with many of you out there. Here it is line for line.  “I have a rant to discuss and one which I know you … [Continue reading]

A Critics’s Corner – Ch19 – A trip down Memory Lane to 2002…the Stiffs take on Guiseley in the cup

19 – Countin' on a Micracle Free from the pressures of an afternoon with First Team Captain Birtsy’s Special School assortment, having now been dumped out of the cup unceremoniously by Guiseley, the choices were numerous for the following sunny … [Continue reading]

Thoughts from the Pavilion

As the rain abates finally we have a new cricket season underway. This year as I enter my fiftieth year naturally one wonders how many more seasons are in the legs and how long the eyes and reflexes will last. In broader terms though, each and every … [Continue reading]

A Critics’s Corner – Ch 18 – Into the Fire (An away day at Guiseley)

18 – Into the Fire After some sixty years as members of the Bradford Central League we were admitted to the newly formed Division C of the Airedale and Wharfedale Senior League for season 2000; it was a big step and had we made it some twenty … [Continue reading]

A Critics Corner – Ch 17 – Joining the AW League

17 – One Step Up, Quite a Big One Actually! The end of the Eighties marked the end of the club’s golden period on the field although off it we still had a lot to do. It would have been very hard to have improved on the previous decade’s … [Continue reading]