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Saturdays With Molly – A Very Wet One

Cricket is often at the mercy of the elements. Even when we play Mother Nature can often influence a game far more than tactical genius and there is nothing more unpredictable than an English summer, of which this one appears so typical already.

Save Idle Moor – Concreting My Childhood

The Bradford Metropolitan district is a large sprawling area not often cited for its beauty. However, some 70% is green space and quite stunning in parts; it’s not all dark satanic mills up here. This may not be the case if the rampant greed of property developers is allowed to hold sway over the next […]

Saturdays With Molly – Living With Morons

Under a bank of threatening dark clouds we convened around ten in the morning, ran the Super Soaker up and down a few times, splish-sploshed on the square and conceded to the reality that no game of cricket was taking place today. Kettle on, phone calls made and a day tending the crops was calling.

Saturdays With Molly – The Return of the Pencil Case

It was that very rare occasion; a sunny bank holiday Saturday and a drive to another beautiful old ground in the village of Addingham.

Saturdays (And Sundays) With Molly – It’s A Love Thing?

With the prospect of the dreaded double weekend, dictated by the inclusion of the Villas in the Preliminary Cup round, players not anticipating ironing their whites till June were suddenly in demand and wives were receiving unwarranted attentions. Flowers and wine in early April could only spell cricket was looming.