Musings From The Padded Cell

Pad Up Now…The Taxman Cometh ( 20th June 2013)

Some of you may have seen a piece – see the link below – that first appeared in Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph followed rapidly by an insertion on the front page of the Daily Rant, sorry Daily Mail, the day after. Clearly it must have been a slow news day but to those of us involved […]

To See or Not to See? Sky versus Terrestrial? (

Prior to the last home Ashes series there was a growing debate as to the merits of a return for cricket to terrestrial television with the placing of the Ashes on the Government’s “listed events” in an effort to raise the profile of the game. To date cricket is the only major sport that has […]

Bingley Congs CC (published “Bingley matters” Dec 2012)

(I penned this piece for a new local magazine. I wanted to write about a club that I have fond memories of and that typifies many of the issues at grass roots level) The Real Big Society This may be Olympic year but in these current times of austerity, arguably only top level sport seems […]

The Pub and the £3 Pint – Yorkshire Post 23/8/12

{Previously published on here several months ago…any small typos due to child minding my Godson who wants me to watch Scooby Do!} Sat in my local the other night, I wondered why one of man’s few comforts is now so expensive that pubs are closing at disturbing levels. There has been a lot of debate […]

Banking – View From the Bottom of the Pile – How Do Issue 8 August 2012

Olden Times The banking crisis may be several years old now but this year it seems that there is no end of bad news leaking from a once so highly regarded sector. Having worked for a division of Barclays Bank for twenty five years until recently, I am not surprised in the least by recent […]

A Wasted Youth – Yorkshire Post 23/7/12

The Big Idea Across Europe there is a shameful waste of young lives as the Eurozone economies and those aligned to them suffer whilst politicians ponder and prevaricate over that once Big Idea: the Euro. Admittedly the consequences from this failed experiment are as yet unknown and, most likely, will be catastrophic; but will they […]

The ECB Fast Bowling Directives – Fair or Farce? – – February 2013

PUBLISHED ON – February 2013 The Law Of Unintended Consequences There is an example of interference from the very top of the game of cricket which is having an entirely opposite effect to what was originally intended, in the process proving the laws of unintended consequences – and why those on high should not […]

My Local “The Scruffy” – How Do Issue 8 August 2012

Where Everybody Knows Your Name I’d always viewed The White Bear, this charming if scruffy little pub perched on top of the hill overlooking Idle Village as the sort of place my dad and his dad would have gone to drink; inhabited by coffin dodgers with no prospect of meeting women who owned their own […]

Role Models – Yorkshire Post 13/6/12

In dark times we need heroes more than ever and it is tempting to ponder: where are the leaders of real stature? Yet it is not only at the very top of the tree that we need statesman like authority, clarity and decisiveness – we need it in everyday life, too. Curiously, this thought occurred […]

The BBC – Yorkshire Post 24/5/12

In an age where the consumer is supposedly dominant just how relevant is the BBC today? Do we need a “public service” broadcaster anymore when most of the things it did so well are now done even better by the commercial channels or it simply can no longer afford to compete. I admit that I […]