Musings From The Padded Cell

Only One More Hill…

There was an interesting piece on the news the other day suggesting that cycling is the new craze, especially for middle-aged blokes all seemingly desperate to emulate Bradley Wiggins’ exploits on the current Tour de France. Having just returned from … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 29 – Champions!

Champions 2009

29 – Eyes on the Prize When you finish at the bottom of any league, no matter how badly you may feel the roll of the dice went, no matter you did not think you were that bad, it is often said that the league table never lies.  So it is fair to … [Continue reading]

The ECB Fast Bowling Directives – Fair or Farce? – – February 2013

PUBLISHED ON - February 2013 The Law Of Unintended Consequences There is an example of interference from the very top of the game of cricket which is having an entirely opposite effect to what was originally intended, … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 28 – How Not to Build a New Clubhouse

28 – Working on a Dream> In truth, we ended the 1990s not that much further ahead than when this story really began some twenty years ago...which is not the date of the picture here although some believe that Haighy and Browny were both … [Continue reading]

The Boss – Jack of All Trades

Bruce Springsteen on stage in Sunderland

June 21st - The Stadium Of Light, Sunderland Have you ever been to a concert and subsequently read the review out of curiosity only to shake your head in disbelief at the pretentious rubbish before you? Many times I guess, for it seems it is the … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 27 – The Joy of Coaching

Early Days

27 – My Beautiful Reward It was dark, my hands were trembling, I was clueless as to what I should do and I still had no idea how I had got into such a compromised position; had I been drugged, kidnapped and dropped off in this bleak outpost? … [Continue reading]

My Local “The Scruffy” – How Do Issue 8 August 2012

White Bear

Where Everybody Knows Your Name I’d always viewed The White Bear, this charming if scruffy little pub perched on top of the hill overlooking Idle Village as the sort of place my dad and his dad would have gone to drink; inhabited by coffin … [Continue reading]

A Critics’s Corner – Ch 26 – Four Middle Aged Men Go Biking Again

JB Cycling - Brave Intentions

26 – Wreck on the Highway Given our old mate Brent had nearly died on Day One of our first Jolly Boys outing the previous year, I thought it was a miracle we had persuaded him to do it one more time; it was a bit like coaxing another over from him … [Continue reading]

Role Models – Yorkshire Post 13/6/12

In dark times we need heroes more than ever and it is tempting to ponder: where are the leaders of real stature? Yet it is not only at the very top of the tree that we need statesman like authority, clarity and decisiveness – we need it in everyday … [Continue reading]

A Critics’s Corner – Chs 24 & 25: Born to Run (or Four Go Biking)

Early Days

24 – The Ties That Bind - An intro to the Jolly Boys Apart from Duck, long since retired although cajoled since to turn out again for the Stiffs on the odd occasion, there are only a very few of us left still playing from the days when some of our … [Continue reading]