Musings From The Padded Cell

A Trade – DIY?

Another windy night in Idle – okay not exactly the same as A Rainy Night in Georgia…cue Randy Crawford - and time again to roll back the curtains with trepidation in order to find out what was left standing of my flyaway greenhouse and to try track … [Continue reading]

A Critics Corner – Chapter 1

1 - Brilliant Disguise - Easily Distracted As a young lad I always enjoyed the power of the written word and loved writing short stories as an outlet for a somewhat vivid imagination albeit possibly the early signs of a decidedly limited attention … [Continue reading]

The Other Side of Christmas

Whether or not it was intended as a cryptic warning of things to come I am not sure but the other day I “volunteered” to help out for a lunchtime serving at the St George’s Crypt in Leeds, tucked away behind the Law Courts. The crypt is a temporary … [Continue reading]

One Foot in the Slippers

I always find Christmas Day challenging in many respects but never more so than who will come up with the quirkiest present of the festive season and just what this says about you the recipient of yet one more example of China's world domination. … [Continue reading]

Meatloaf at the Villas

All Alone with Meatloaf's Mum There's always an element of apprehension when we book a "turn" at the club as there is no way of predicting what we are going to get unless you are brave enough to conduct some serious market research amongst local … [Continue reading]

Winter Wonderland

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Every year a few of us make a pilgrimage following the River Wharfe from the start of the Dalesway route in Ilkley to our eventual destination up stream. There is no science in that this is governed by the desire to … [Continue reading]

The Good Old Days

4- The Good Old Days “Say goodbye to the oldies, but goodies, because the good old days weren't always good and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems” Billy Joel I have no idea exactly when it all started with my association with Bolton Villas CC … [Continue reading]

I want to be a polar bear

I have a fancy HTC Desire on loan from a business I do some part time work for which, as anybody knows me, is a total waste of technology as the only constructive thing I have been able to do with it so far is take a picture of my first beetroot of … [Continue reading]

Small Step For Mankind?

After one and a half packs I sit flushed with success today having mastered the instructions on the Oats So Simple - porridge to you and me - packet. If it were "so simple" why is it that all previous extracts from my microwave have resembled either … [Continue reading]

Eurozone Crisis

In keeping with the theme of village idiot Ed Balls I too have a Five Point Plan this time for the whole of Europe. In return for bailing everybody out Germany gets first dibs on all sun-beds for the next ten years in Greece, Spain and Italy. … [Continue reading]