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Bradford Council & The Muppets – A Short Film.

Some rich men came and raped the land, Nobody caught ’em Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus, people bought ’em The Last Resort by The Eagles.

A Snip At Half The Price!

{First published June 2012} Amazing what subjects are tackled in the local debating chamber. This week it was world population or more to the point, our combined inability to add any further to this; we were comparing our various experiences under the knife. Although it causes me great pain, here’s mine recounted – sorry Mum!

The Changing Face of Bradford.

The Council’s grand housing plan spanning 2015-30 is soon to be unveiled. Seeking to build 42,100 new houses at an average not far short of 3,000 per annum, this is a staggering figure; it suggests the district will be turned into a gridlocked building site for the next fifteen years.

A Morning At Muppet Hall

This morning I observed Bradford Council’s Regulatory & Appeals Committee to support objections to proposals to flatten the old Hutton Middle School to make way for more Toy Town houses.

Manners Ain’t Cheap.

Look North featured a piece the other night on a recent “initiative” by Bradford NHS to blow £33k on teaching receptionists at doctors’ surgeries how to be polite.

Dumb And Dumber

“Education, education, education” promised Slippery Tony way back in 1997. Things could only get better? Almost twenty years later, according to The Sunday Times, Britain ranks below Estonia, Slovenia and Poland at maths and reading. Not only can we not beat them at Eurovision but our kids are thicker.