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Summer Days

Sunshine on a Rainy Day Another summer has faded into the memory once again, teasing us with a last few days of autumn sunshine as if to cloud our memories from the months of torrential rain that have characterised this particular summer. Back in childhood days you knew the long days of the summer holidays […]

Hard Times

The Hangover The party is over; by this I mean the annual conference season held by the main political parties and, if anybody doubted the mess we are in, they won’t now. I view politicians with the same contempt and mistrust that many of you share; at best, all I see are self-serving and self-promoting […]

One Nation?

We Are One? A certain leader of the opposition is hanging his hat on the mantra of “One Nation” and for the next two years or so we will hear a lot of this as he scrambles for the ultimate seat of power, seeking our love, admiration and trust. Politicians like to bleat on about […]

Gardening – The New Sex

I spotted a wonderful quote recently –  “I can’t believe I used to have sex 20 times a week. But now I’m a bloody good gardener” – and whilst I’m sure I never managed 20 times a week, even in my adolescent dreams, the transition to gardening was most unexpected if equally strewn with many […]

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors Now that the cricket season has finally washed itself away until next Spring there is ample time to seek other pursuits to occupy mind and body for the winter months; and so it was that my mate, Lynton, suggested that a “leisurely” trek up one of the Three Peaks, in this case, […]