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Mad Dogs & Englishmen; Here Comes Summer!

Here we go again with the Villas Grey Fox X1 reassembled – no better word for it – for the 2015 campaign on the road to Scarborough.

The Great White Hope

Next week our overseas player finally arrives at the Villas, one month late but with high hopes from many and a bit of trepidation from some of us, old enough to remember past ventures down this rocky road.

Politics of the Mud Hut.

Now the election is all over the real argy-bargy has started and it seems there are some very unhappy ex-MPs, especially in Bradford East and Bradford West. Claims and counter-claims over the process are rife. How strange that we have spent decades trying to spread the principles of democracy around the world and that here, […]

Beer Clouds Maybe But Every Cloud Has…

The forecast was clear for all to see and the clouds duly amassed around the appointed time of one o’clock as stumps were pitched. Marsy led us out into the cold, damp air followed closely behind by eager opposition batters.

Final Countdown.

Only one more week to go and we are facing the prospect of the Two Eds; personally the Two Ronnies would have run the country better.