Musings From The Padded Cell

How To Commit Career Suicide

Immersed as I have been in The Trumpit for the last few weeks, it’s time to take a leaf out of the BBC’s book and rehash a few old repeats from the archives. Perhaps you’ve never read my books – few have – so here is Ch.22 entitled “Dead Man Walking” from It’s Only A […]

It’s Only A Game – Ch 4 – Stolen Car

One more from the archives with tales of dark arts and skullduggery all in the name of the big bank.

It’s Only A Game; The New Timer.

Even the Idlelord takes a break so here’s one from the archives. Taken from “It’s Only A Game” my inside story on how I contributed to the fall from grace of Barclays Bank plc. So far I have not heard from their legal team.

“It’s Only A Game” (my part in the banking collapse) – Ch 1

Tonight’s the night everybody starts making promises they can’t hope to keep. Big Al – once again – will threaten the UK pub sector by vowing to give up drinking; the gym will be full of fat people next week vowing to make the next Olympics and politicians all over the country will promise you […]

It’s Only A Game (Barclays: My Part in Their Downfall) – Ch 19-25

Part Four – Time to say goodbye…suicide via a conference call 19 – Wages Of Sin Bankers’ bonuses have been a hot topic in recent years and for good reasons too but before you all get hot under the collar reading this the vast majority of bank employees are outside looking in on the annual […]

It’s Only a Game (Barclays: My Part in Their Downfall) – Ch 7 -12

Part Two – Serious Business – Working For A Living? 7 – Across The Border Clarky had left for BMBF in Leeds the same week I joined Bradford so I missed out on learning with a top operator but we always kept in touch. I admired the way he went about his business, even if […]

It’s Only A Game (Barclays: My Part in Their Downfall) – Chapters 1 to 6

Part One – Early Days 1 – All Or Nothin’ At All “Bollocks!” There really was no other word for it as it dawned on me that on what was probably the most important day of my short and, until that point, utterly meaningless existence I had cocked up yet again, very badly, aged twenty […]

It’s Only A Game – Introduction (Foreword first published…ages ago!)

A short note and a slight apology. Over the next week or so I will be publishing my second book in four chunks simply to get it out on the web so I can work on usurping J K Rowling with other pieces. I do try to keep my regular posts “bitesize” but these four […]

It’s Only a Game (Barclays: My Part in Their Downfall) – Ch 13 – 18

Part Three – A Dirty Game 13 – Meeting Across The River Like some recently discovered long lost relative, it finally dawned on the Barclays hierarchy that our tiny little offshoot was indeed part of the Barclays brand and could actually generate some real value both internally and externally. Our attraction, in its most obvious […]

Its Only A Game – Foreword

Foreword There I was, 30 years of age, drunk mid afternoon sat in Sports Bar on the “strip” in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote having had two of the best weeks of my life on a lads holiday we had called, with almost prophetic accuracy, The Desperate Seven Tour way back in 1993 and about to […]