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Rise Up My City of Ruins

My Hometown I am a Bradfordian, born and bred, still living in this tired old place although long since able to admit to being proud to do so.

No Country for Grumpy Old Men

Do we get grumpy when we get to a certain age? Or is it that we simply feel the need to question more about everyday life as we get older and more understanding of that which just does not seem right anymore?

Concreting Britain

The recent BBC documentary series Permission Impossible followed the planning process at several councils as developers, locals and planning officers battled away before the “judges” – local councillors – delivered some dubious verdicts.

Playing Up Hill

UK Sport In 2002 I wrote a couple of letters to the Yorkshire Post arguing that sport at the grass roots was dying a slow death, strangled by lack of opportunities in our state schools and a woeful waste of funds on vanity projects such as the Olympics.