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Stuff the Meerkat

Copies of “Fifty Not Out” now available by donations to BVCC Juniors Why I Want to Stuff a Meerkat When I left the day job a few years ago, instead of the expensive future career counselling provided, what I really needed was more practical advice on how to deal with the big bad world outside. […]

Fifty Not Out – Ch1 – I’m Franz Beckenbauer!

Read the first chapter of my new book “Fifty Not Out” on sale now priced at £Donations to BVCC Juniors. Available at no decent book shops and doubles up as good kindling or a table prop! 1 – I’m Franz Beckenbauer “Too many people grow up. That’s the real trouble with the world, too many […]

Ney Surprise

Horse meat in the food chain…so what? Many of us who fell out of the bars on Manor Row years ago could not resist the lure of the Salmonella Van and its array of pies and pasties with peas swimming in grease or the counter attraction of a cat curry at the Commonwealth where rotting […]