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There I was in the supermarket the other day when I came across what I thought must be an early display of selection boxes. Trouble was I was in the toiletries section and these big shiny red boxes contained not chocolate but condoms.

One More Bounce For Bradford?

It was another rough week for my home town with Bradford afforded the dubious title of the worst place in Britain to live. Time to make a case for the defence then.

A Day Out In Posh Bradford.

Forgive me Father for I have sinned!

Location, Location, Location.

A friend of mine had been having some bad luck recently with her choice of men. Naturally, as any friend would, I offered my good counsel; poor woman I hear you say in unison.

Trickle Down…Trickle Up.

It was a very strange start to the week I have to confess, largely because I was in de-clutter mode. I had also been listening to George talking fervently about the Northern Powerhouse, halfway into Monday, although barely a bone had moved at this powerhouse.

Smoke, Mirrors and Small People.

Once again people’s lives hang in the balance with the mothballing of the Redcar steel works. Seventeen hundred people now have no idea what the future looks like and countless others will obviously be impacted locally as well.