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Archives for March 2015

Fantastic Day

There I was bouncing down the motorway the other day, playing at being a corporate finance man again, off to the Steel City to “talk turkey”. The sun was shining, the M1 flowed like a ballerina and even Chris Evans could not ruin my day. It was good to be alive, hell it was good […]

Kidnapped – The Last Great Romantic?

Firstly, my apologies for a rather self-consumed blog this week but I have been under severe threat…of being dragged away for a “romantic weekend”, a fate less welcome to middle aged men than an outbreak of piles.

Why We Are So Crap At Sport

More humiliation for an England sporting team at the hands of a country we would long ago have considered unworthy to be on the same pitch. And yet is anybody really surprised?

Bradford Man Fights For Life!

Winter nets are approached by most club cricketers with a combination of dread, bewilderment and a shared belief that the destructive little red ball must have got even harder.