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The Thin Blue Line

Last night I got a text from a friend who lives around the cricket ground informing me that there were idiots making a racket playing football against the clubhouse wall and metal window shutters, which were far from cheap. Bad enough most times of the day but past eleven o’clock clearly not what anyone wants […]

The Ralgex Road

A stifling hot day was not what twenty-two over 50s wanted to spend chasing leather across a lush field of green pursuing dreams of yester-year. The opening game of Villas’ 2014 Grey Fox campaign saw us take on old foes TABS – Thorp Arch & Boston Spa CC – and elect to bat on a […]


The media are awash with chat about the notion of “Britishness” in the wake of the Trojan Horse story coming out of Birmingham. As ever, politicians are jumping on the bandwagon likes fleas on an old dog; it is, after all, election time soon.

Save Idle Moor…And The Rest – Part Two

In this neck of the woods, many of us are aghast at plans seemingly designed to concrete over every remaining green space.

True Brit

I defy anybody not to have seen the story of Bernard Jordan, 89, and his “great escape” from his care home – fulfilling a wish to attend the D-Day commemorations in Normandy last week – and to have watched without a lump in their throat.

Girls in Their Summer Clothes

Twenty-five years on the road and no more dangerous time of the year was when the sun came out. Concentration wavered and near misses were a plenty. So a trip down the garden centre should be safe?