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Archives for December 2015

The River.

As sure as the seasons change, there will hopefully always be our festive winter walk to look forward to. A record fourteen brave souls had signed up for the annual ale expedition…but things would not go to plan.

A Very Grumpy Christmas!

I think I reached my tipping point very early into the first week of December. The radio station had renamed itself Smooth Xmas and was throwing out songs that made me reach for the sledgehammer. My annual onset of SAD (Seasonally Affective Disorder) – otherwise known as GOBS (Grumpy Old Bastard Syndrome) – had arrived […]

Just A Thought.

I confess to having given up sending Christmas cards years ago for a variety of reasons, although few of them were altruistic in truth. Bah humbug? However, spare a thought for the people of Cumbria who will have much more on their minds than cheap cards from China.

Man Flu.

A howling gale, dark clouds emptying their contents relentlessly and my big nose streaming like the Niagara Falls. It looked very much like a weekend sweating under the duvet with Ms Lem-Sip and her soothing aromas.