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Archives for February 2014

The “Go To” Bank?

I hope the following is a level and considered viewpoint despite the temptation to vilify the banking sector en bloc. After all, I did work for Barclays for twenty-five years…in a fashion!

How Bazaar?

Despite public protests and an initial refusal by Bradford planners, a convicted former operator of an indoor market looks about to open a new Asian bazaar on a “trial” six-month basis.

Debts No Honest Man Can Pay

Bruce Springsteen’s lyric to Atlantic City could easily be applied to the plight of Punch Taverns plc. Owner of some 4,300 pubs across Britain, Punch has been the subject of much controversy in recent years regarding it’s treatment of it’s customers – the pub landlords – and the pubs you and I frequent.

We Don’t Need No Educashun?

The ministerial post of Education Secretary is often a hospital pass in rugby parlance and yet the current incumbent, Michael Gove, does not appear shy of taking the ball head down into the fray. In the run-up to his speech this week setting out his aspirations, several leaks appeared designed, depending on your viewpoint, to […]