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About Me

Aged 47 & 3/4 I had my first mid-life crisis and decided that twenty-five years working for a bank was enough. This not far after the credit crunch and the near collapse of many banks though I swear this was not my fault.

I had no plan but I knew that I could live on what I had unless I had a series of other mid-life crises; to date the Thai bride and the Porsche remain a myth thankfully.

I grew up loving playing out and playing sport; I would have died attached to an X-Box. Wavering from rubbish to passable mediocrity, I know how much having a passion that kept me active, fit and allowed me to meet great people meant.

I’ve tried to put something back by coaching kids at my local cricket club but after twenty years the challenge is immense; kids just don’t seem to get sport anymore.

We have some of the worst obesity rates in Europe and yet nothing we do can seem to avert the obvious.

Another passion of mine is writing. I’ve always wanted to write and, hopefully, make people laugh if mainly at me.

My first book was about life from a young lad to gnarled old veteran at a small cricket club typical of so many up and down the country now hanging on to their very existence.

The follow-up was my take on a twenty-five year career with a bank. I am eternally grateful for all that I learned surrounded by some fantastic people.

My third book is a collection of tales from a desperately mediocre sportsman who has tried most sports over the decades hoping to find one he was any good at.

Released to celebrate my 50th birthday in April 2013, I should end by saying that all profits from all my books – however modest – went to helping the junior cricket teams I help coach.

Weekly I release my blog where, one day maybe one day, someone might just think that it’s okay.

I really hope you enjoy musings from the Idle Lord.

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