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“It’s Only A Game” (my part in the banking collapse) – Ch 1

Tonight’s the night everybody starts making promises they can’t hope to keep. Big Al – once again – will threaten the UK pub sector by vowing to give up drinking; the gym will be full of fat people next week vowing to make the next Olympics and politicians all over the country will promise you […]

No Country For Old Men

The fourth annual Christmas hike had had a gloomy run up to our gathering in search of beer and bonhomie. Indeed, several Sunday nights at The Scruffy with Patch had been full of rather foreboding tales of impending tragedy. We’re we really all “dooooooomed” as the little tubby balding one was predicting?

A Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time for spreading cheer and goodwill to all; I hate it. It has some positives though as you can get away with behaving like a demented halfwit and simply blame the festive beers.

The Idlelord’s Winter Walks Christmas Annual – Download It Now!

Very soon it will be time to congregate at Shipley Station again, having dug out smelly walking gear, untouched since last year’s expedition with a day of great company, tall tales and just a few beers along the way. Given that you’re all probably watching a load of repeats on the box, I thought I […]

Don’t Tell Carol!

Tomorrow night the Big Man will be partying till he drops – nothing new there then. Celebrating his 50th at the exclusive Villas private members’ club, surrounded by friends, ex-loves, dignitaries from the cricketing world (Sir Les from Haworth Road CC) and with long suffering wife Carol never out of earshot. Here’s my “tribute” to […]

The English Cricket Board’s Big Dumb Idea

The ECB are in a spin; numbers of participants at grassroots level are in serious decline.

Save Idle Moor – Again?

The fight to save a beautiful part of Idle Moor comes to a head next week with a meeting at Shipley Town Hall, attended by a Government Inspector.

John Town – The Best Dressed Man At The Pearly Gates

John Town sadly passed away recently and life suddenly got a lot greyer. Hundreds of us said goodbye yesterday on a biting cold day demanding one of the gorgeous overcoats he used to sell us at Raymond Town Menswear in Saltaire, stood alone in the shop for a day. Here’s my personal tribute to a […]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 10 – “Life Itself”

FOREWORD – a bunch of moaning old farts perched on a line of green plastic seats most Saturdays every summer was the inspiration for my first book. Thanks boys!

England My England – Spivs & Speculators

Channel 4’s Dispatches (The British Property Boom) gave another insight this week into the madness of the property market from it’s epicentre of London.