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Leveson – The Freak Show

The sombre looking balding one has pontificated at last; sort of. At a cost estimated to be in the region of £4m – nice work if you can get it – The Leveson Report is finally out in the public domain, all 2,000 pages of it. But who really cares? In the age of twenty […]

Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)

Under greying, cheerless skies, with an all-enveloping drizzle of tears slowly falling from the massed clouds, there are better places to start the week than the local crematorium. Driving down the long, tree-lined driveway, descending slowly and respectfully to meet fellow mourners, gathered huddled against the elements, grey moods on a grey day. Fields of […]

How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times

There was once a time when everything was cheap. But now prices almost puts a man to sleep. When we pay our grocery bill, we just feel like making our will. Tell me how can a poor man stand such times and live? This American folk song was written and composed in 1929 by Blind […]

A Phoenix from the Ashes?

In June I stumbled across the Piloti column in Private Eye, which keeps a watchful eye on buildings of interest under threat of demolition; regularly I shake my head in disbelief at the constant and wanton destruction of much of this nation’s heritage in the name, allegedly, of progress. In most cases if you substituted […]

The Dating Game

Although man has progressed beyond recognition over the centuries, for better or for worse, certain things remain as big a mystery as when Adam first attempted to woo Eve with a mouldy Braeburn apple; the dating game, where the mysteries and complexities remain as baffling and as challenging as since time began, continues to evolve. […]