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Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

“At my age getting lucky means finding my car in the parking lot!” Anon Tales From The Scruffy. The rest home has gone up-market and we’ve finally got new stools consigning the old ones and some very dodgy stains to the tip. In keeping with the average age of the inmates, the new stools also […]

“Good Morning Everybody.”

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do!” A wellwisher.

Old Boilers And Young Bucks.

“Self-doubt is a persuasive mistress; careful not to shag her or you’ll never get your balls back.” Dannika Dark

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

“If you want a rainbow you’ve got to put up with a bit of rain.” Anon.

It’s A Man’s World.

“Can a leopard change its spots? Yeah if they skin it and dye it!” Scrappers (BBC 2)