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Marvin’s Coffee Shop

I do like to de-stress after a hectic Tuesday morning spinning class with the Desperate Housewives; a cup of coffee and a good old chin wag with Marvin the bearded, buxom, cross-dressing trainer are the perfect wind-down.

Grumpy Gladys The Gatekeeper

Out in the big, bad real world not many people really like the idea of selling for a living; few of us that actually do sell relish the cold call. I remember a piece of advice years ago from a trainer as he schooled us in the said art and urged us to practice that […]

He Ain’t Heavy…He’s Obese

The National Obesity Forum produced figures this week that suggested the previously forecasted 50% of adults that would be obese by 2050 had become – pardon the pun – somewhat bloated. Around half this number already qualify as obese as of today, which will not surprise many; the only way is up here.

Regrets…I’ve Had a Few.

It’s the time for new year’s resolutions again and never more is this in evidence than at gyms up and down the country with new recruits wobbling through the doors. In they flood, like suspicious kids through the school gates at the start of term, dressed in their shiny new uniforms straight from cashing in […]

Local Hero – Our Jackie

Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New…Thank God for The Scruffy New Year’s Day has to be the most sobering day in the calendar; having spent weeks in an blissfully alcoholic haze, many of us now face a forced extradition from Never Never Land and the cold turkey of real life again. Its the […]