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The Age of Make Believe

Sky Atlantic recently broadcast a fascinating, if worrying, documentary called In Real Life on the impact of the internet on today’s teenagers. In broader terms they also showed how Big Brother is well and truly with us at every click.

And the Lord asked…what is a Balance Sheet?

The Age of Madness Late in the year comes the strongest contender yet for dumbest idea of the year; the proposal that we should think about lowering the age of consent to fifteen is simply madness. The UK already has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in Europe so our youngsters don’t need […]

Rise Up the 93%

News that the middle-class elite are increasingly all-powerful these days as evidenced by Sir John Major’s recent speeches on social mobility surely will come as no surprise. It has long been apparent that those able to access the best schools inevitably have the best opportunities of future advancement in whatever arena they choose. Of course […]

Bradford – One Last Shot at Redemption?

Next year is a defining year for the City of Bradford; can it reinvent itself as a modern and vibrant city centre or will it be consigned to decades of terminal decline? This week the local comic – Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus – re-hashed for the umpteenth time the “story” that developers Westfield will finally […]