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Pad Up Now…The Taxman Cometh ( 20th June 2013)

Some of you may have seen a piece – see the link below – that first appeared in Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph followed rapidly by an insertion on the front page of the Daily Rant, sorry Daily Mail, the day after. Clearly it must have been a slow news day but to those of us involved […]


Dream A Little Dream Idealistic old dreamer that I remain, during the last few weeks, I have been coaching cricket in a primary schools trying to promote the old game to today’s bright eyed young things. Although I have done this for several years now, even squeezing in sessions during my “lunch breaks” whilst working, […]

BBC 2 Re-make of classic film “East is East” – A Critical Review

When Film Makers Come to Town Although the BBC must appear as if it is nationally representative, committed to regional broadcasting and film making, in truth it is happy to take our licence fees up here whilst paying only tokenism to the fact that life does exist outside of London. Recent cuts in regional budgets […]