Musings From The Padded Cell

On All Alone Road.

Adapted from A Critics’ Corner (Chapter 3). I was prompted to revisit this as I opened the door one morning last week to that unmistakably fresh feel of autumn.

Road Trip – Adapted From “A Critics’ Corner” (Chs 24 & 25)

FOREWORD Last night we were sat in the pub reminiscing on past glories when talk turned to the first time we rode the Coast to Coast on our push-bikes. Now, none of us would claim this was akin to skiing Antarctica or climbing Everest – except Brent maybe – but the four days we shared […]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 10 – “Life Itself”

FOREWORD – a bunch of moaning old farts perched on a line of green plastic seats most Saturdays every summer was the inspiration for my first book. Thanks boys!

A Critics’ Corner – Ch2 – “Dancing In The Dark”

FOREWORD – here’s another from the archives. In an age when all we seem to hear about is child abuse, a tale of childhood innocence from many years ago.

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 11 – Leap of Faith

FOREWORD – when I first attempted to write a book some five years ago, most of it came out without much structure and was held together by the editing skills of my old pal Judith. Every now and then I like to go back and dust off some stuff that I hope you will enjoy. […]

“Growin’ Up” {Ch4 Critics’ Corner) – Adi Walton’s Great Escape!

As we almost lived on the cricket field as kids during the summers of our youth, evicting us for the winter was harder than a bunch of travellers. It was our turf and this was where we hung out although the Committee never had to resort to bailiffs. Only Jack Frost would eventually persuade us […]

Down Memory Lane – {Ch15 Critics’ Corner – The Legend of Dirty Den}.

Cricket clubs across the land perform a hugely valuable service to their communities for a large part of the year by taking otherwise dangerous and unhinged people off the streets, at least for the summer months. We offer them something to do in a secure environment with fencing and often a large gate. At the […]

Down Memory Lane – “It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City” {Ch22 Critics’ Corner}.

Cricket is rarely described as a sexy game; even with the introduction of coloured clothing, fireworks, cheerleaders and all the other 20/20 razzmatazz groupies at a club cricket match are about as likely as the proverbial flying pig.

Eastbourne Pier Remembered – “A Long Walk Home” – Ch21 Critics’ Corner.

The news that Eastbourne Pier had been all but destroyed by fire brought back memories of some of the best weeks of my life “working” for Barclays Bank.

Down Memory Lane – How The Clubhouse Was Built

Taken from A Critic’s Corner – Ch 28 – How Not to Build a New Clubhouse. Hopefully, this piece may be of interest to those who want to know a bit more about the club’s recent history…enjoy.