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The Tit

A few times over the last few weeks you may have opened a post from me without any content; this is all my very own incompetence, pushing the wrong button – publish not preview – by mistake. There is an old saying to explain apparent failures of technology which goes “It is not the tit […]

The Hounds of Winter

Saturdays Without Molly My first season in the Stiffs since teenage acne and an unhealthy obsession with the blond one in ABBA ended with the eerie sound of what we cricketers call the “death rattle” around 1.15pm last Saturday leaving plenty of time to do M&S before we fielded!

Old Villas Memories – Pat Sowden

The Things We Forget At Our Peril I received a wonderful email the other day from a lady I don’t think I have ever met but who clearly has a soft spot still for the Villas and all the joy the place provided her growing up. It’s a beautiful piece so please read on. I’ve […]

Independence Day

The Jockos vote for independence in a matter of days and whilst most of us can only see the positives of a “Yes” vote – no more Scottish football results – the Old Etonian brigade at Westminster are clearly now in panic mode. Could Rab C really win the day over Big Dave with promises […]

Sport and the Dirty Dollar

Sport at the very top table is awash with cash, no more so than football which was amply demonstrated this week with frantic last minute transfer deals topping an eye-watering £835m as the Premier League transfer window closed.