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Celebrate National Orgasm Day.

Amazing what you read in the papers but now I’ve got your attention have a read of the rest of this week’s rubbish…or go celebrate!

Jack And The Giant Pizza.

This week’s blog is very much a cultural feast…read on.

Them And Us

Another long week battling with the boy for the remote control and the bottle opener.

Life In The Old Foxes Yet

It was finally time for the talking to stop and the action to start. Not the Ashes but the long awaited clash of local rivals Villas against the Tracksuits on the sun-baked Westfield Lane Sahara. Two teams of patched together fifty-plus idiots, loaded with Ibuprofen, stinking of Deep Heat arriving under a baking sun; whatever […]

Northern Powerhouse aka London Bullshit.

Fifteen billion quid on Crossrail 1 and plans for a second to follow; fifty billion (at least) on HS2 all starting in London and landing North when I am pushing up daisies; and Lords knows how much – should they ever build it – on a new runway at Heathrow.