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Welcome To Boxford.

More news concerning Bradford Council’s secret plan to concrete any half decent bit of the City. Coming soon to a green field near you is an infestation of crappy boxes – see various – this story broke in the T&A last weekend.

Road Trip – Adapted From “A Critics’ Corner” (Chs 24 & 25)

FOREWORD Last night we were sat in the pub reminiscing on past glories when talk turned to the first time we rode the Coast to Coast on our push-bikes. Now, none of us would claim this was akin to skiing Antarctica or climbing Everest – except Brent maybe – but the four days we shared […]

Not Going Out? Read This Week’s Bumper Issue!

Beware The Honey Trap Ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup, international players have been warned about the risk of “honey traps” laid by match-fixing syndicates; women luring players and blackmailing them has become a big risk. This is nothing new to us in league cricket with many a honey trap more potent than the […]

Idle Moor – Lost To Spivs & Speculators

Just in case you needed reminding about how little local opinion really matters and how a spectacularly useless Council can really screw things up, the decision to overturn several refusals for planning permission on Idle Moor says it all.

Saving Daisy and Ernie.

Whilst none of us are shedding a tear for oil barons as the price of oil plummets – unless you support Man City – spare a thought for the dairy farmers who face a very uncertain future as milk prices also collapse.

The Drop-In

I called into Towny’s for the first time since the sad passing of John late last year and the old boy would have been comforted by what he saw from above. The drop-in centre for middle-aged blokes with bugger all to do – employed or not – is alive and well.