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The Great Human Rights Scam

A Genetic Flaw? A friend of mine teaches cycling proficiency in primary schools helping kids in and around Leeds; although the aim of the classes is simply to give some basic early years instruction rather than searching for the next great Olympian, everybody, including Sir Bradley, has to start somewhere. Last week she had her […]

You Read It Here First – More Famous Readers

Daily Mail Columnist Reads Idlelord? I nearly dropped the copy of the Daily Rant, sorry Mail, as I read lead Sports Writer, Martin Samuel’s piece on the nonsense of an Olympic Legacy. Its a good piece but you read it here first:–MARTIN-SAMUEL.html PS – if I have cocked the link up its because […]

Why Primary School Kids Can’t Climb The Stairs – “Fifty Not Out” – Ch3

Who Bought the PM a Copy of “Fifty Not Out? At last the Government seems to have woken up to the fact that, as Lord Coe recently said “far too many young people are leaving primary schools barely able to climb a flight of stairs”. With the recent announcement of a £150m per annum investment […]

One Dunk or Two?

Into the Corridors of Power I did something the other day I swore I would never repeat after my first soul destroying experience many years ago; I went to view a local Council meeting at City Hall, the purpose being to follow the latest developments in the long running saga concerning the fate of the […]

To See or Not to See? Sky versus Terrestrial? (

Prior to the last home Ashes series there was a growing debate as to the merits of a return for cricket to terrestrial television with the placing of the Ashes on the Government’s “listed events” in an effort to raise the profile of the game. To date cricket is the only major sport that has […]

Batman Lives! Ka-pow!

Where Else But Bradford? Bradford was once again in the national headlines and this time it was all good news. Gotham City’s caped crusader, Batman, has apparently been living here, in Wyke actually, watching over us all at the same time as delivering Chinese takeaways; who said men cannot multi-task? Could Batman save the day […]

A Load of Balls

DEVOID – “lacking something, especially a good quality” Living in Bradford you tend to develop a thicker skin than most, especially given the current pitiful image of my birthplace. Last weekend offered some thirty odd thousand inmates a chance to escape to the bright lights for the end of the fairy tale at Wembley, albeit […]