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A Critics’s Corner – Chs 31 & 32 – The End

31 – When You’re Alone In Critic’s Corner I have often wondered how you feel when finally you have to admit it’s all over and pack that bag away for the very last time. When it’s my turn, will there be a Critics’ Corner to still sit down in and chew the fat over battles […]

A Wasted Youth – Yorkshire Post 23/7/12

The Big Idea Across Europe there is a shameful waste of young lives as the Eurozone economies and those aligned to them suffer whilst politicians ponder and prevaricate over that once Big Idea: the Euro. Admittedly the consequences from this failed experiment are as yet unknown and, most likely, will be catastrophic; but will they […]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 30 – When the Boots are Finally Hung Up

30 – Kingdom of Days

Only One More Hill…

There was an interesting piece on the news the other day suggesting that cycling is the new craze, especially for middle-aged blokes all seemingly desperate to emulate Bradley Wiggins’ exploits on the current Tour de France. Having just returned from four hours of almost non-stop hill climbing around a far less glamorous tour de Otley, […]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 29 – Champions!

29 – Eyes on the Prize When you finish at the bottom of any league, no matter how badly you may feel the roll of the dice went, no matter you did not think you were that bad, it is often said that the league table never lies.  So it is fair to say that […]

The ECB Fast Bowling Directives – Fair or Farce? – – February 2013

PUBLISHED ON – February 2013 The Law Of Unintended Consequences There is an example of interference from the very top of the game of cricket which is having an entirely opposite effect to what was originally intended, in the process proving the laws of unintended consequences – and why those on high should not […]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 28 – How Not to Build a New Clubhouse

28 – Working on a Dream > In truth, we ended the 1990s not that much further ahead than when this story really began some twenty years ago…which is not the date of the picture here although some believe that Haighy and Browny were both members of the 1925 team. With the fag perched in […]

The Boss – Jack of All Trades

June 21st – The Stadium Of Light, Sunderland Have you ever been to a concert and subsequently read the review out of curiosity only to shake your head in disbelief at the pretentious rubbish before you? Many times I guess, for it seems it is the role of the rock critic to try to make […]