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Beer, Sex…and a Gollywog? (The Friday Rant)

The £3 Pint Revisited For several years now I have been following the plight of the pub industry, rather too avidly at times. You may recall The Pub and the £3 Pint from August 2012.

A Critics’ Corner – Ch2 – “Dancing In The Dark”

FOREWORD – here’s another from the archives. In an age when all we seem to hear about is child abuse, a tale of childhood innocence from many years ago.

Club Cricket At The Crossroads

Our Survey Says The English Cricket Board’s (ECB) National Player Survey was released last week showing another alarming drop in people playing cricket. The numbers were down 7% year on year.

Do I Know It’s Christmas!

It’s time to revert to Grumpy Old Man mode as the airwaves are bombarded by a snowstorm of shit Christmas songs again and people you have never met – nor want to – insist that it is time to grin like a moron.

A Critics’ Corner – Ch 11 – Leap of Faith

FOREWORD – when I first attempted to write a book some five years ago, most of it came out without much structure and was held together by the editing skills of my old pal Judith. Every now and then I like to go back and dust off some stuff that I hope you will enjoy. […]

The Tea Boy

Having done the hard yards stripping the Great Wall of Idle, it was now time to order it’s fancy new “coat”. So it was that I was now at the mercy of Brendan the Render’s crack team.

Choices, Choices.

When England cricketer Jonathon Trott left the 2013-14 Ashes series early to fly home from Australia, the official explanation blaming a stress related condition prompted several instant – and largely ignorant – media responses, as is common in this Twitter age.