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Saturdays With Molly – Out With The String Vest, In With The Kevlar.

An away day on the edge of the Dales – Skipton – saw the resumption of my Second X1 career on the road to the rest home, false teeth and death by slower than medium pace. A new season was here again.

One Foot in the Sawdust

I saw this on Facebook courtesy of Animal Rights UK and make no apologies for showing this to my worldwide audience, which is probably about as small as the remaining African lions.

The Beautiful Old Game of Cricket

English fans are used to getting stuffed by the Dutch, but normally at football and not cricket. After a winter tour that the English Cricket Board (ECB) would like to forget, defeat by Holland in the World T20 was almost predictable.

In A Land of Make Believe

Strangely, I woke up singing the other morning.