Musings From The Padded Cell

A Critics Corner – Ch 17 – Joining the AW League

17 – One Step Up, Quite a Big One Actually! The end of the Eighties marked the end of the club’s golden period on the field although off it we still had a lot to do. It would have been very hard to have improved on the previous decade’s … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Ch16 – The Boys From Denholme

16 – Across the Border Welcome to the village of the damned. Wild, wild Denholme – “Badlands” - a backwater of Bradford, perched on the hills on the outskirts of the city and the only place that I have ever played cricket in the snow. It resembles … [Continue reading]

Mary’s Bottom Line

Close on the heels of Channel 4’s ridiculous Make Bradford British “documentary” came yet another series seeming to highlight the plight of us poor Northerners and running for three weeks in March. Mary’s Bottom Line was fronted by the ubiquitous … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Chapter 15 (The one about the dog with the personal loan)

15 - Jungleland Clubs like ours, and many across the land, perform a valuable service to their communities for a large part of the year by taking otherwise dangerous people off the streets; those that might otherwise roam shopping centres, … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Chapter 14

14 – THE HITTER If bowlers need ticker you can also say, with a degree of certainty, that batters need it too and although it is quite true that bowlers more often than not win you games, the batters set them up. Batting is all about how you handle … [Continue reading]

A Mayor for Bradford? – Yorkshire Post 10/4/12

Gorgeous George Bradford is going to the polls again in just under a month, so soon after giving the national media a field day in Bradford West; this time it is to decide whether or not the City needs a Mayor. Hot on the heels of Gorgeous George … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Chapter 13

13- Fire If men really are from Mars and women from Venus, the same twisted logic can also apply to many sports. In football it may be defenders and attackers, in rugby forwards and the backs and in cricket batsmen and bowlers that form almost … [Continue reading]

The Great Minimum Pricing Wheeze – Tyke Taverner May 2012

Did it gladden your heart recently to finally see some harmony between Chameleon Dave and Moribund Ed across the benches of the Commons? Following the announcement by the Nanny Coalition that it was now considering yet another tax, albeit dressed up … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Chapter 12

12 – Glory Day The 1980s were by far the most successful decade in the club’s history; a dizzy period where attendance at the League’s Waddilove Cup Final seemed almost our annual right. Although the record books will show that we were on the … [Continue reading]

A Critics’ Corner – Chapter 11

11 - Leap of Faith When I first discovered Villas the clubhouse was little better than a crumbling wooden shack, held together by an annual application of the cheapest paint we could find and with appalling sanitary facilities. If the male … [Continue reading]